Linux Mint 13 XFCE installed on my wife’s laptop

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Parted MagicMy wife was going crazy about the slowness of her 3 year laptop with Windows XP, so we’ve decided to install Linux.

So 1st I needed to make some harddisk space for linux since XP was occupying the whole disk.

So I’ve download PartedMagic and installed it to a USB Pen thanks to UnetBootin

Then I booted up the laptop from the USB Pen and waited for PartedMagic to load. Then I used GParted to resize the XP partition to almost half of the disk space.

When everything was done, I installed Linux Mint 13 XFCE on the remaining free disk space. It created a nice Grub menu, so now for the moment my wife is dual-booting.

She’s absolutely amazed by the computer’s performance, and finds her new Operative System beautifull.

A 3 year old laptop that was dragging has now come to a new life, and it’s faster than ever before!

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